Writers’ choices

Illustration By Rick Sealock

Best independent store to buy a baby gift

La Bussola has many things for many people. But there’s a little nook in the quirky boutique with the funniest baby T-shirts we’ve ever seen. Shirts that say “I eat dirt” and “I’m not a boy” for little girls or the reverse for little boys, among others. Get one of their rubber ducks with devil horns to go with it, and you’re on your way to raising a kid with character.

Name most reminiscent of a Beatles movie

Neighborhood cafes used to be common. Now they’re rare. One of our favorites is in a Sparks strip mall at Pyramid and Holman. Walk into the Yellow Submarine sandwich shop, and there is none of the rushed atmosphere of a typical sub shop or chain restaurant. Here, the homey feel invites people to sit and chat. The employees are friendly without being Safeway-psychopath friendly. There are board games to play, and a shelf of books to read. The walls have photos by Reno photographer Philip Hawkrigg.

Best 6-foot-9-inch poet/barista

Judging from the results of the readers’ poll for best independent coffee shop, many of you already know this. But for the uninformed: Bibo Coffee Co. (where the coffee is good and the people are all above averge) hosts a very tall, very insightful barista. His name is Ryan Stark, and if you are cutting up in line, he’s going to know it.