Best boas

The Hidden Woman
1507 S. Wells Ave. 329-8050

Dear Drama Queen,
Maybe you need to rethink that fresh-from-the-mall look. Hiding on Wells near the Rapscallion Restaurant is a great place that has no mall music, screaming brats or clichéd logos. The Hidden Woman provides glamorous “club-wear” at competitive prices for every furtive or assertive Cinderella. Leona Floming began the shop eight years ago. Now Leona is down south (in Las Vegas) and her son Tony is keeping the place busy. Something you may like about this independent boutique is knowing that it is more than just a business. Some big-name places that sell fun clothes may be all about cashing in on the latest fad. That’s great for stockholders, but Hidden Woman actually contributes to local charitable causes. They support and donate resources to The Silver Dollar Court of Nevada, which raises money for organizations like Nevada HOPES, which provides services to individuals who’ve been diagnosed as HIV-positive.

Besides, every closet needs a feather boa.

your loving son