Best alternative to foam dancing

Ark-a’ik Café and Music Lounge
555 E. 4th St. 337-8488

Hey Slash—
There is something to do in Reno, something better than being stuffed into a warehouse, listening to programmed music, and doing the laundry while dancing in the foam. In the daylight hours, before most punks and rockers are awake, the Ark-a’ik is actually open. Perhaps known most for its live music, there is also a record store (featuring a lot of classic vinyl albums), a coffee and snack counter, old video games and comfy sofas. Ark-a’ik lead man Steve Peto is planning to add a used music paraphernalia corner. He collects old instruments and also wants to supply visiting bands that occasionally need gear at the last minute, late in the evening. Like when else would they be shopping? The idea is to provide a hangout for those interested in live music, in addition to regular evening performances. And yes, like so many other great independent businesses in Reno, the Ark-a’ik puts resources into helping the community. They’ve held shows to benefit local churches, to urge kids to “Rock The Vote” and to help out Food Not Bombs. A benefit for Reed High students is planned for November. So, when you get out of the foam, come to Reno and support musicians.