Best neighbor

Brian Staup
Glen Martin Drive, Sparks

Dear Mr. Rogers,
Thanks for your quick reply, but I firmly believe Sparks is an excellent place for a traveling Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood show, and as far as I’m concerned King Friday can take a flying leap. Wouldn’t it be more fun if your neighbor started out by asking, “You want a beer? Take eight, they’re small.” If you do get a chance to come to town, you must check out this guy on Glen Martin Drive in Sparks. At any given time, he can help you clean an antelope, fix your truck, paint your car, shoo off taggers, keep an eye on your house, bum you a smoke, comment on the weather, weld your trailer, show you how to use a reciprocating saw, loan you a ladder, take you hunting, tell you about the best local fishing spots, help you wire your garage or build a fence. He’s got more observations than Wilson on Home Improvement, and unlike Wilson, you can see his face—not that he’s anything to look at. As far as I know, he has yet to blow up anything; check that, he has yet to blow anything over at my house. And regarding your letter, what’s this “children’s show” stuff?