In transition

Self-proclaimed heavy folk rockers The Stately Gentlemen are at a crossroads of sorts, after losing creative super-force and lead guitarist Jesse Kapeghian and, more recently, drummer Austin Boren.

Playing for the first time without a drummer at Tonic on June 11, Gentlemen guitarist Anthony Cacibauda, lead vocalist Joe McMahon and bassist Jim Fletcher plucked away in front of an empty drum set. Ironically, many of the songs Kapeghian wrote were suited for the band’s improvised drummerless show.

The Stately Gentlemen started as a Beatles cover band in high school and then started writing original material during college. The music is largely based on the band’s experience with death, drugs and how the people around them have been affected.

“It’s pretty dark, that’s the folk part of it,” McMahon said. “The first EP was written about some really heavy shit.”

This summer the band has its work cut out for them doing gigs and finishing a new album, all while finding and adapting to a new drummer.

“Maybe our music will change if we have a new drummer,” Cacibauda said. “That could get rid of the ‘heavy’ in heavy folk rock. Austin was a real metal, Zeppelin-influenced drummer. It’s definitely a transitional period.”

The Stately Gentlemen play Rollin’ on the River on July 3, opening for The Mark Sexton Band.