In Time

Rated 1.0

Justin Timberlake will have to wait for another movie another time to get classified as a kick-ass, bona fide action star. In Time, in which he runs around and punches people a lot, is an intensely bad movie, an OK idea gone horribly awry. Timberlake plays Will Salas, a factory worker living in a world where humans have been genetically engineered to die when they’re 25. After they live two and a half decades, their bodies stop aging, and they must work or fight or steal for extra time on their lives. If the extra time they have earned runs out, they die. So Timberlake spends the whole movie stealing time, distributing time to the poor, etc. Time clocks appear on the forearm with a glowing green hue, and holding hands can transfer time, which is just stupid. Amanda Seyfried plays a time heiress who sports a bad wig and is kidnapped by Timberlake. The film is a visual mess, poorly paced and extremely boring.