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Pussy Pucker Pots
Lip balm

The packaging on Pussy Pucker Pots is racy enough to get attention by itself. This 100-percent vegan lip balm comes in 12 barely legal flavors, including Strawberry Snatch, Chocolate Nipple Ripple, Shaved Peach, Nice Melons, Vanilla Vulva and Plain Ol’ Prude. The balm goes on smooth, not tacky or shiny, and smells terrific. Be aware that when people catch sight of the label, you may have some explaining to do. Should anyone suspect Pussy Pucker Pots are actually some sort of “marital aid,” direct them to the label’s disclaimer: “For the tastiest lips north of the hips.” Made in Portland, Ore., by feminist entrepreneur Stacy Bias, these yummy little cosmetics aren’t available in any local stores yet, so you’ll have to order online at