In The Mix — Video

OK, the movie isn’t very good, but it’s sort of sick fun once you get over the horror of having to look at Ron Jeremy. This is one of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s first films (it follows the much funnier and trashier Cannibal: The Musical), and this effort kicks the shit out of Baseketball. Parker plays a Mormon missionary who goes to Hollywood and quickly becomes the biggest porn star in the world, as well as a superhero. It’s a little hard to take the first time around, but its junky charm grows on you after the second bottle of bourbon. The oh-so-good Parker-Stone tradition of drunken commentary is in full effect. Listen to Matt and Trey get inebriated as they view their trashy movie. Two versions of the film, one unrated and the other NC-17, are contained on one disc. The movie aspires to be bad, and it succeeds.