‘I’d take a bullet for Condi’

“I think it is important that the RN&R has columnists presenting viewpoints from all angles and political persuasions, but I would appreciate more in-depth and more thorough analyses than those presented by Mike Lafferty.” -Email from a reader

In this political season I find it particularly amusing that Democrats in the presidential caucus peanut gallery are imploding.

You will recall that when Democratic Sen. Harry (“Pinky”) Reid came into power claiming a “mandate,” the anti-war crowd came with him screaming, “Congressional action.” To their credit, Congress did pass umpteen billion non-binding, anti-war resolutions. Congratulations to the party of the spineless with a majority—or to Democrats in general, but I repeat myself.

They at least had the genius not to enter the fray just yet.

Recently, the country witnessed former First Lady, current senator from the People’s Republic of New York and now presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she found the tear ducts to get all weepy-eyed and whine about running for president. She apparently fears America will go “backward.” (Which is not to say “backward” could be a reference to Bill getting another whack at the term “is.”)

And of course by that, please recall that former President Clinton and Sen. Clinton had the most scandalous years in the White House of any couple in history. More to the point, recall that no other president’s friends committed more acts of suicide, either.

But, of course, Hillary’s last moment of humility must have been that vast right wing conspiracy’s fault rather than her choice of spouse or friends.

Then there is also Barack Obama who wants American troops out of Iraq, post-haste. Yet apparently half of the liberally challenged believe that abandoning Iraq will make it the terrorist center of the world. I fail to see that victory for America he predicts with change, and yet idiots keep voting for this man.

Oh yes, that’s right. As the future leader of the free world, meeting with dictators is obligatory, but killing them isn’t.

Hillary and Obama also believe in repealing the Bush tax cuts. As does John Edwards—the third-rate Democratic presidential candidate—who believes in taking from others to feed his own self-righteous form of global warming and consumerism.

Still all of these morons preach that they alone will bring “unity” to the country.

And where again is that platform of “unity” with same-gender marriage or abortion?

No. I didn’t think so.

The point, ladies and gentlemen, is this (according to one reader): “I find it rather insulting to have Mike Lafferty reduce it to such simplistic terms. I think his ideas reek of the same shallowness and gender bias as some of the stupid jokes about Hillary Clinton, such as “Why would anyone vote for someone who squats to pee?”

My particular point is simple. I don’t have a fundamental problem with one who has to squat to urinate unless they happen to vote Democrat.

I’d also vote for (in no particular order) Right Hook’s daughter, spouse or mother. I’d also take a bullet for Condoleezza Rice—and tell Oprah to take her $50,000 gowns and go pound sand—on camera.

Until then—go squat, hire armed body guards, and pay more in taxes.

Once you’ve done that, you are free to take the issues up with (in no particular order) Right Hook’s daughter, spouse and/or mother.

It really is that simple.