I want to ride my bicycle

The best way to enjoy your bike is to find a place to ride it.

The best way to enjoy your bike is to find a place to ride it.

There’s a fun yet nostalgic feeling that comes with riding a bicycle. You might remember the exhilaration as a child, taking off those training wheels for the first time, or using your bike as transportation. Biking is supposed to be a fun family activity, and with the easy trails throughout the Reno-Tahoe area, it can be.

Since its creation in 2006, the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway has become a feasible way for bikers and families to get out on a trail without having to go too far. In its entirety, the trail is a 116-mile journey from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. However, with kids, that journey seems quite far-fetched, so the 12-mile section of the bikeway from downtown Reno to Verdi is a great alternative. The trail is along the beautiful Truckee River and has been developed by Reno, Sparks and Washoe County. The bike-ped bridge over the Truckee River is in a great location, near Mayberry Crossing Park and River School Farm, which has beautiful artwork and gardens. The route has on-street bike lanes west of downtown Reno, but then a paved, separated path east to the end at Vista Boulevard.

Reno resident Amy Fitch's son is too young to ride a bike, but she still straps him into the baby bike seat and takes him on this trail in north Reno. It's perfect for beginning riders, and especially for families with kids as the trail isn't too rocky and is fairly flat. Families can charge out-and-back for 7.5 miles, or, if feeling gutsy, add on an intermediate section for just under 10 miles. The intermediate section has a thrilling drop where beginners will prefer to walk rather than ride. Steamboat Ditch also has a canal filled with flowing water alongside the path, hence “ditch.”

If your family is looking for a more relaxed and rural setting, the trail around the perimeter of Mira Loma Park in Southeast Reno is a great option. At the corner of Mira Loma Drive and McCarran Boulevard, Mira Loma Park features trees, expanses of grass and even a bridge over Boynton Slough. The path bordering the park allows for families to ride bikes, but also witness the fitness courses along the trail. Families can even take a break for kids to enjoy the playgrounds, ball fields and tennis and basketball courts that the park offers.