I Think I Love My Wife

Rated 1.0

Chris Rock directs this miserable old time at the movies, where he plays a sad husband with a beautiful wife and a kickass job. Things get worse for him when a hot friend from his past (Kerry Washington, outshining the material) shows up and wants to hang out. Rock tones himself down for this one, and he’s a total dullard. He also calls for inappropriate slapstick at times, and this film’s ending is so bad it will make your skin not only crawl, but also disembark from your body and set up residence somewhere in Montana. Rock is a funny guy, but the comedy here is hateful (especially toward women), and he always seems to be trying too hard on the big screen. Some comedians just aren’t meant for the movies. This is actually Rock’s second directorial effort after 2003’s lame Head of State. His skills have not improved since then.