I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Rated 1.0

This one might very well stand as the worst Adam Sandler comedy yet. This time out, he and Kevin James play New York City firefighters who fake being married so that the James character can get benefits for his kids. So, two heterosexual males have to suddenly become gay to bilk the system. Homophobic or not, this movie isn’t funny at all. Sandler plays a ladies’ man who must hide his love for his lawyer (Jessica Biel), or the scam will be discovered, while James plays the lovable lump. Biel, by the way, plays one of the dumbest lawyers in cinema history. You know you’ve made a bad movie when it’s hard to watch Jessica Biel. Director Dennis Dugan has become a master of painfully unfunny movies. Yes, he managed to make the funny Sandler vehicle, Happy Gilmore. But he also made Problem Child, Beverly Hills Ninja and Saving Silverman. This one represents a new low for the guy.