I Love You, Man

Rated 4.0

Paul Rudd is on a roll. With this movie and last year’s hilarious Role Models, he’s finally getting quality headliner vehicles to prove his awesomeness. This time, he’s teamed up with the equally funny Jason Segel in a story about Peter (Rudd), a guy with no guy friends. In order to not look like a total dick on his wedding day with no dudes standing besides him, he starts actively seeking male companions and candidates for best man. Unwanted man kisses, embarrassment at sporting events, and projectile vomiting ensue, until Peter meets Sydney (Segel). They strike up a friendship that includes jamming out to Rush and infuriating people with dog shit. They hit some bumps along the awkward male friendship way, and it’s extremely funny. Jon Favreau is funny as a complete jerk, and Andy Samberg finally gets a movie role worthy of him as Peter’s brother.