Humdrum Lynch wannabes

The Polish brothers are most often compared to director David Lynch, but Lynch was never this unbearably boring (and that includes Dune and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me). Guys dressed in suits representing the imperialistic American government (I guess) arrive in the town of Northfork to coax people away from their homes because the region will be flooded for a hydraulic dam. A flock of ghosts take up residence in one of the homes and talk a bunch of philosophic psychobabble in very somber tones. While the movie is most certainly good looking, it has a remarkably dull center. Nick Nolte, who made an ass of himself in last year’s Hulk, is OK here as a preacher taking care of a sick boy. James Woods, as one of the suit guys, has a few moments, and it is interesting to find out that the Polish brothers based his fedora-wearing character on former Dallas Cowboy coach Tom Landry. The movie looks good, but it made me sleepy.Special Features: I actually had more fun watching the documentary filmed for the DVD (Bare Knuckle Filmmaking: The Construction of Northfork) than watching the movie. An interesting fact revealed is that the Polish brothers’ dad, who was not a production designer, managed to build the ark that is prominent in the picture. It’s also fun to see Woods goofing between takes, swearing his ass off. Listening to the brothers’ commentary actually sheds a lot of light on the picture, and could improve the film experience for some.

Movie: C

Special Features: C+

Geek Factor: 5