Rated 4.0

Director Martin Scorsese has a field day with 3-D in this delightful film that, while touted as his first children’s movie, will probably go over most of the young ones’ heads. Asa Butterfield delivers one of the year’s best child performances as Hugo Cabret, a boy living at a train station. He keeps the clocks running and is trying to fix a robot-like contraption left to him by his father. He meets up with a toy shop owner named Georges Méliès (Ben Kingsley), and many film buffs will know that name. The film winds up being a nice homage to early filmmakers, with some of the best visuals Scorsese has ever put on screen. The ever-reliable Chloe Grace Moretz does good work with an English accent in the film as Hugo’s friend, while Sacha Baron Cohen provides excellent comic relief as a train station security man.