Hot talk

Myrna the Minx

Photo By David Robert

Reno and It’s Discontents,, is unquestionably the No. 1 local blog in Northern Nevada. Our readers voted it No. 1, anyway. Myrna the Minx, who gets her name from a character in John Kennedy Toole’s novel, A Confederacy of Dunces, is the site’s mistress. She jealously guards her identity, and it took a sizeable bribe to her ex-cabana boy to wrangle an interview with the sultry star.

What got you started blogging?

I first started a blog on because I thought it would force me to write, as a sort of exercise in writing. I thought I wanted to write more; I don’t know why. That lasted about two weeks. I came back to it maybe about six months later. [I’m in] downtown Reno, and I really wanted to help develop a community in downtown because I feel like it’s the right time for it. There are a lot of new people moving in, and I thought we could develop a really interesting community online. It would be a conversation in a community; that’s the idea, ultimately. Anybody could write on the blog. Anybody can submit posts. Unfortunately, because people are loathe to do that—I can speculate on the reasons—but it’s become mostly me. That’s not how I envisioned it.

Speculate a little bit.

One, because I did start it, and my name’s on everything, so people kind of come to the site and see it as my site. I think it’s also intimidating for people to just decide, “Oh, I’m going to put something on a public site that kind of belongs to somebody else.” So, I think there’s an intimidation factor. And I think that maybe I overestimated the level that people might want to participate. People may enjoy reading commentary more than actually giving their own point of view in a post.

Maybe they’re looking for perspective to help develop their own. But you get some pretty good threads going there.

They’re getting better lately, which is good because the audience has gotten a little bigger lately. I also think that the longer people frequent the site, as they get more comfortable, they do every once in awhile put up a post.

Have you seen any translation from Internet to real world?

Yeah. The initiative for awhile was to get people to use the term “WEFI” for West First Street, kind of like SOHO. That was a concentrated effort, let’s name the neighborhood. People did start using it on other local blogs, and then somebody told me they were in a City Council meeting, and somebody actually said it.

That’s cool.

I was like, “Mission accomplished.”

Tell me a little about the anonymous thing.

I’m actually a pretty private person. Also, I worry about keeping this personality separate from a professional personality. Because this is not professional. I don’t write anything that’s terrible that would get me in trouble, but I just kind of have this boundary that I want to maintain. Maybe—hopefully, actually—one day I’ll feel like it’s OK to break loose of that. But I’m pretty professional when I’m at work, and I’m worried that if they bleed together, one might affect the other.

It might change people’s perception of you. You work in somewhat of a formal atmosphere, and to see you as this “Chick about town,” whatever …

With three husbands …

And looking for No. 4. It might have some professional repercussions.

I’m pretty careful. I don’t think there’s anything I’ll ever regret saying, if the two entities come together, but there’s just a comfort level there.