Hot, hot, hot

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

This is going to be a great summer. I intend to spend as much time enjoying as much of Reno’s cultural life as I can devour. I can already tell what kind of season this is going to be. I just had the first real weekend of the summer—I even took an extra day off to enjoy San Francisco.

The weekend began Friday night with a party at Hunter’s school. I had an early morning meeting Saturday, then the gym, then work. This isn’t one of those jobs where you can really just up and grab an extra day off. The stories have to be filed no matter how much someone feels like playing hooky. It was a pleasure, though, firing up my imagination for what the next few months will bring. Hunter was kind enough to mow the back yard. It probably inspired some thoughts for him about what his summer is going to be like.

Saturday night: the Gipsy Kings. Hunter and I and some friends caught the show. It was great. We had nosebleed seats in the cheap section, but I don’t know that there’s a bad seat in the Grand Theatre. Those guys are consummate musicians, great sound, great energy. My favorite part was the last song when the band brought audience members up on the stage to dance.

Sunday morning, off to San Francisco to pick up a friend who was spending time with family. I love the drive, particularly when I’m by myself, windows down, stereo loud. Coffee, wine and good food with friends in the brisk ocean breezes are about all it takes to restore the soul—it’ll put me a bit behind come Tuesday, but … man … totally worth it.

I’m going to suggest that people follow our advice in our “bucket list.” Many of our ideas are totally without cost. I’m going to be checking items off every single week right up through Burning Man. Life is too fleeting to sit around whining about circumstances when there is so much gardening to be done, people to socialize with, music to be heard, hot springs to soak in. I’ll see you out there.