Hostel Part II

Rated 2.0

It was around the time that I witnessed Heather (Wiener Dog!) Matarazzo, completely naked, crying and upside down with a gag in her mouth, that I started to really dislike this film. By the time some other woman was bathing in her blood, I was convinced: This is junk. Director Eli Roth made a great debut with the silly Cabin Fever and followed it up with Hostel, a concept that only needed one chapter. In the first movie, it was a bunch of guys getting tortured after a night of partying. This time, naturally, it’s a bunch of girls, including Bijou Phillips, who screams and cries with the best of them. Roth goes too far this time, which was bound to happen when you have to come up with constantly new and innovative scenarios for your torture movie. I think Roth can be a fun horror director, and I still look forward to future efforts. I’ve just had my fill of confinement/torture films. I will go on record as saying they are completely useless, no matter how well-acted or good-looking the films turn out to be. I wasn’t scared watching this, but I was depressed.