Rated 2.0

Jason Statham and James Franco star in this piece of silliness from the pen of Sylvester Stallone. While I'm not giving it a good review, I can tell you that fans of Statham and Franco probably won't be too disappointed with this in that both do pretty good jobs of presenting rather stupid material. Statham stars as Broker, a former DEA agent looking for a new life with his young daughter in a place that he so very obviously should've stayed away from. Franco stars as Gator, a small-time meth dealer looking to go bigger. When Broker's daughter punches Gator's nephew out on the school playground, Gator decides to get involved, and things go haywire. Statham is better than usual here, and Franco is actually kind of great as the bad guy. But Stallone's screenplay is so routine you can guess the plot points 10 minutes before they happen. Still, it does have Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder as meth heads, so you could do worse at the movie theaters.