Home is where the art is

It’s Reno. It’s July. It’s Artown. Go see it.

Kat Kerlin is Special projects editor, RN&R.

It’s been 15 years, so by now, you know the deal, right? Artown. July. The one time of the year when you can count on seeing something fun, artsy, usually musical and usually free every day of the month in downtown Reno.

Just a few reminders: Out of the hundreds of events, many of them are held in Wingfield Park. Since we didn’t feel like writing “First Street and Arlington Avenue” every time the park is mentioned in this guide, we’re telling you the address here. We just did. Also, there are porta-potties in the park (don’t forget the hand sanitizer). There’s food and beer there, too. And keep the place looking nice, why don’t ya? Waste Management has recycling kiosks sprinkled around, along with solar compactors that use the sun’s power to mash your trash.

Of course, not everything is in Wingfield Park or even in downtown Reno. Artown events dot the map from Bartley Ranch and McKinley Arts & Culture Center to Virginia City and Mount Rose Highway. Plan accordingly.

What else? The Artown administrative types are all excited about their new iPhone app. On it, you’ll find a complete festival calendar, blog and Twitter feeds. For you old-timers, you can still find that stuff on the regular ol’ internet at www.renoisartown.com. For you really old-timers, just follow the crowds along the river until you run smack into something artistic. You’ll know it when you see it.

Have a great July.