Holiday present

Photo By Larry Dalton

The Salvation Army ringer in front of Target was thumping out a “Jingle Bells” rhythm. I found myself humming along, heading across the snowy lot into the store to shop for gifts with my youngest son and daughter. Feeling cold on the outside, warm on the inside. Busy, but happy. Ready to shop, but not wanting to overextend my credit.

Friendly, but not exactly in the mood to seek out conversation. Then again.

“Nice bell ringing,” I complimented the round, jolly man.

“Thanks,” he replied with a smile. I could see his breath.

The holidays are a busy, conflicted time. With that in mind, we offer you some poetry and fiction by four Northern Nevada writers for this edition of the RN&R. We hope that you’ll enjoy this chance to set aside a minute for reflection on loss, love, faith, friendship—and laughter.—


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