Rated 1.0

Timothy Olyphant plays the title character in this latest videogame-to-movie adaptation, and it’s a mess. His character is part of some organization that manufactures bald-headed assassins with barcodes on their heads. Law officers around the world are trying to find them and stop their killing ways, but they just can’t seem to spot the bald-headed dudes in sharp suits with bar codes on their heads in public. Olyphant, who I liked in Deadwood, plays the lead like a zombie, and he’s no fun. There’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo about his character assassinating a Russian politician, or his double, or something like that. Mostly, it’s Olyphant walking around looking all serious and Dougray Scott-ish, cementing his status as one of the world’s worst actors. If you like movies with suit-wearing bald guys with barcodes who go around shooting people, this one’s for you! Maybe.