Rated 3.0 Maybe it was just a sense of relief after sitting through an endless string of low-grade horror movies, but I found Hitch sort of charming in a not-that-great-a-movie-but-good-enough-for-right-now sort of way. I liken the experience to getting a nice chocolate-covered cherry after somebody’s been shoving rotten fish heads covered with cow shit down your throat for six weeks. Hell, anything will taste good after 40 days of shitty fish heads. Will Smith basically plays a variation on the role he portrayed in The Legend of Bagger Vance, except this time he’s helping people with their kissing motions instead of their backswings. Smith plays Hitch, a mysterious dating therapist in New York City seen as an urban legend by the ladies but well known and easily contactable by desperate, sorry-assed men. Guys basically pay him a lot to put them down and make them feel like idiots for just being themselves.