Hit group hits Miller

An D.C.-based political organization is trying to cut short the political career of a rising Nevada Democratic figure before he becomes too much of a threat.

The State Government Leadership Foundation has launched a half-million dollar campaign to attack Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, who is running for state attorney general. SGLF's television spot target's Miller's alleged lifestyle, using photos of Miller and celebrities that the organization lifted from Miller's websites. “Fancy parties, exclusive sporting events,” the narrative goes. “Posing with celebrities, even Playmates. Ah, one can dream, but for politician Ross Miller, it's reality.” This is intended to outrage Nevadans.

Despite its staid name, SGLF has been active for more than a decade in attacking Democrats around the nation. Last year ProPublica used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain SGLF tax documents showing its previously secret finances. It was founded mostly with money from Exxon, Pfizer, Time Warner and other corporations.