Higher taxes are insulting to true patriots

The Democrats recently have attempted to bring new meaning to the word “patriotism.” Somehow they have associated paying increased taxes with patriotism—reasoning that is a little lost on me. It seems Obama running mate Joe Biden has found yet another way to justify taking money from those who have rightfully earned it.

The Obama campaign is trying to put a modern day Robin Hood in place. And this just doesn’t work.

If the government is going to increase taxes for one class of people, how is it right to not do so for the other classes? The logic seems skewed. Biden has said Democrats want to give tax breaks to the middle class; he wants to put the money back into the pockets of the middle class. Yet once again, the Democrats want to set up taxation to penalize success and hard work.

Taxes would go up for those who make $250,000 or more. This is where things get a little shaky. Logically, if one makes more than $250,000, he or she already pays more in tax dollars.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say taxes are 10 percent, and we have one person making $100,000 and the next making $300,000. The person making $100,000 gives $10,000 a year to the government in taxes, while the person making $300,000 gives $30,000 a year to the government. And the Obama/Biden ticket wants them to pay more?

By the very nature of their success, the rich pay more in taxes. Because they make a lot of money and have realized the American dream doesn’t mean they should have to give even more to their government. Calling this an act of patriotism is a tactless insult.

Higher taxes will not get us out of this “rut,” as Biden calls our economic state. More taxes would increase the size of the government, which is never good for the people. When money goes to the government, through taxes and other means, it seems to get lost in the abyss of our nation’s capitol. At the end of the year, after I have paid a portion of my money to taxes, I get resentful because I see government programs that are nothing but a waste of my money.

The only thing I can imagine higher taxes would be good for is to give a cushion for Washington’s unorganized mess. Higher taxes don’t help anyone but the politicians who have embedded this idea upon society. Politicians are saying, “We don’t think you can handle your own money so what you are going to do is give it to us so we can handle it for you.” And now they claim it’s done in the name of patriotism. Blasphemy!

This idea of stealing from the rich to give to the poor is an insult. And this is exactly what they are saying when they want to increase taxes for the most hard-working and successful Americans.

If an American citizen has earned the money they have in their bank account, they deserve to keep it. Why should politicians tell a person how to spend their money? They are only going to follow up with demanding more because they are not capable of running the government on what they’ve already taken.

The government is not a business, and it should not make a profit from its citizen’s checkbooks. There is nothing patriotic about paying more in taxes.