He’s back

Kevin Trudeau is on Reno television again.

The health cures salesman, who has paid out several federal settlements and been convicted of larceny and other charges ("Return of a huckster,” Dec. 9, 2004), has a new book. Previously seen on Reno television peddling his earlier tome Natural Cures “They"Don’t Want You to Know About, Trudeau has now turned his attention to the nation’s debtors with a follow-up book, The Debt Cure"They"Don’t Want You to Know About. KTVN broadcast a half-hour infomercial for Trudeau on Jan. 4.

Once known for cancer cures and other schemes, Trudeau was forced off the air by the Federal Trade Commission until he discovered that by selling books instead of drugs or supplements, his television presence would be protected by the First Amendment. So he wrote the Natural Cures book and got back on the tube.

On the KTVN program, he sold the debt book with the same kind of sweeping claims that have long worked for him, and his usual warnings about how “they” try to stop him. Calling himself a “consumer advocate and whistleblower,” he offered such advice as, “You can wipe out your debt because it’s not money that you really owe.” He also claimed to face “death threats because I’m blowing the whistle on what’s going on in the corporate world.”

Other lines include, “Instantly stop the debt collectors,” “Wipe them out, virtually eliminate the credit card debt,” and “It’s the system. It’s not your fault.” Trudeau also then offers to tell people burdened with credit card debt how to get—more credit cards.