Here’s to you

When it comes to being the ‘best,’ Northern Nevada has what it takes

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Congratulations, Northern Nevada! Congratulations to all those individuals, businesses, officials, parks and galleries who our readers selected as exemplifying the best that Reno and its neighbors have to offer. You symbolize the biggest, tastiest, most industrious, smartest, coolest, most original, most beautiful—pick the superlative that best describes what you do.

Congratulations, too, to all our readers who made it all the way through our ballot. It’s said that the race goes to the swift, but in the case of our Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada ballot, it seems the race goes to those with the most stamina. This year, we had 1,041 verified participants, the most ever for this poll.

Please consider this year’s readers’ poll an homage. It’s difficult to work on a project like this without considering such a heady concept as “best.” It was these thoughts that inspired the theme of this year’s “Best of”: First responders. When you get right down to it, it is the people who give of themselves in times of crisis that most truly represent the best that humanity has to offer: courage, compassion, selflessness. It’s those who, when every biological imperative demands a person run the opposite direction, rush toward the moans of pain, the rising flames or the screeching tires.

But it’s not just those whose fortitude allows them to keep their heads in times of emergency that deserve our honor and appreciation, it’s also those who day to day go into the classrooms and hospitals to grind away and help elevate all our lives.

In particular, though, we wanted to single out those individuals who give of themselves to help make the Truckee Meadows the wonderful place to live that it is. We wanted to tip our collective hat to the volunteers who help clean up the environment, who labor to help the less fortunate, who work with animals, who fight injustice, who improve our cultural environs, who labor on in thankless anonymity.

In a word: you. You are the best. Thanks, and congratulations!