Here comes the guide

Welcome to RN&R’s Bridal Guide 2010

Getting married. It’s an exciting time, leading up to what will hopefully be one of the best days of your life. It’s getting there that’s the hard part. And I’m not even talking about finding your mate. Yeah, that was tough, almost as hard as planning a wedding.

Couples put a lot of pressure on themselves to make their wedding day not just special, but perfect. Many brides, especially, have dreamed of the day their whole lives, and now that it’s here, it better be great—especially since they hope to never do it again. The wedding industry doesn’t help their situation. They tease them with wedding porn like elaborate cakes, stunning gowns and exotic flower displays. The couple is made to feel that if they don’t have some of these things, their wedding will be lackluster.

With this guide we hope to alleviate some of that anxiety, even while feeding into some of the frenzy. We give you the rundown on rings, alternative registries, second-wedding etiquette, and more. But we’d like to remind you that the best wedding is the one that reflects you and your spouse-to-be. It doesn’t have to be big and expensive or cookie-cutter, unless you want it to be. Just make it your day, and the rest will fall into place. While there’s no way to fully escape a modicum of wedding mania as the big day approaches, just remember it will all be worth it in the end.

Here comes the guide
Welcome to RN&R’s Bridal Guide 2010.

Playing with the band
Find a ring to fit your personality and budget.

How the hell are we going to afford this?
A groom-to-be indulges the time-honored tradition of stressing over the budget.

Pamper the bride
From henna to massage to cocktail-infused pedicures, three ways a bride-to-be can unwind before the big day.

I do, again
Second-wedding etiquette.

Unbridled wedding
Some brides just aren’t that into it—until they make it their own.

Non-cheesy wedding songs
Because you’ve had it up to here with Celine Dion.

The final countdown
Wedding planning checklist.

Exhibitor Map
2010 Fantasy Wedding Faire Exhibitors.