Her turn

Sally Greig

Sally Greig uses her 21 years of teaching expertise at home in her studio.

Sally Greig uses her 21 years of teaching expertise at home in her studio.

Photo By David Robert

For Sally Greig, art is about exploration more than anything else. Every work is a work-in-progress up to the point where she’s decided that adding something will just be taking away from it.

“After years of creating and teaching, I feel like I’m just in the midst of starting, in some ways,” she says. “I’m still looking for my big artistic statement.”

Greig has taught art in Washoe County for more than 21 years, and now her work will get a show of its own. The evidence of her long exploration will be on display at the Claynichols shop and gallery starting with the hanging this week and going until early November.

In her two decades as an educator, Greig has seen the ebb and flow of the call for, and perceived import of quality arts education. She has taught a wide variety of art classes to students of all ages. The broad spectrum of those classes mean she’s often working with different materials, teaching different crafts and art techniques.

That variety has informed her work, which includes different mediums and a wide range of materials. They range from paintings that use more than just paint to hand-made, household items.

“I’m kind of all over the board,” Greig says. “And maybe I’m a little ADD. I don’t focus.”

Creating some of her pieces, which incorporate many different materials, Greig will sometimes take her cue from the materials themselves.

“You get a feeling from the color or texture of the materials and start from there,” she says of her process.

In addition to paintings and other works, her show includes a number of bowls.

“I don’t know. I just like bowls,” she says.

Greig studied art, including such disciplines as weaving, fiber arts and metalsmithing at the University of Colorado in Fort Collins. After that, she moved back to her hometown of St. Paul, Minn., and worked for a while as a flight attendant. She moved to Reno when she got married. The area has been her home ever since, as well as an inspiration to her as an artist.

“It’s been an inspiration in that I’ve met so many wonderful people,” she says.

Her work teaching art is also an inspiration to Greig. She currently teaches at Damonte Ranch High School.

“As an art teacher, I teach everything from basic drawing and arts and crafts to sculpture and calligraphy. The opportunity to play with different media and techniques, not only every day, but every period in the school day keeps me looking for more exciting ideas.”