Hemp, hemp, hurray!

Will the wonders of hemp ever end? The United Kingdom-based Lhoist Group has developed a building material made from hemp, water and lime that is seven times stronger than concrete. The substance is also carbon negative, meaning there is more carbon dioxide consumed by growing the hemp than produced by making the product.

Tradical Hempcrete has been in use in the U.K. for years and is just making its way into the United States, reports Inhabitat.com. The versatile substance can be used for flooring, wall construction and roof insulation. Hempcrete is reportedly fireproof, waterproof, makes for a good insulate and doesn’t rot when used above ground. Manufacturers claim the material is 100 percent recyclable and can be used as fertilizer after demolition.

A ban on growing hemp in the United States is forcing green builders to import the product from the U.K., making it an expensive alternative to regular concrete.

Fans of Hempcrete hope the new material will help convince lawmakers to lift the ban as demand rises for more environmentally friendly building methods.