Hello Dalí

Celebrate another Fourth of July holiday weekend with barbecue, fireworks and Salvador Dalí. OK, so the Spanish surrealist painter isn’t one of our nation’s Founding Fathers, but he certainly gave the world a lot of bizarre and thought-provoking art. Head up to Gallery Keoki at Squaw Valley to see a collection of Dalí’s artwork featuring more than 20 pieces. The exhibit includes hand-colored lithographs and collage pieces from the 1972 Dinner of Gala portfolio and aquatints from the painter’s 1972 Twelve Tribes of Israel portfolio, such as “Issachar” (pictured). Other pieces include “Le Legacy” and “The Dreamer” from the History of Don Quixote suite. The works are original, hand-signed limited editions that were collected by Mark Steingard, co-owner of Gallery Keoki and one-time publisher of Salvador Dalí art. The exhibit celebrates the 100th anniversary of the painter’s birth and will be on display through July. If you visit Squaw Valley USA July 3-4, you can view the Dalí artwork as well as enjoy live music, entertainment and fireworks shows. Gallery Keoki is located in the Village at Squaw Valley on the 1900 block of Squaw Valley Road, Olympic Valley, Calif. Call (530) 583-1404 for more information.—Kelley Lang