Heller note arrest made

Sixty-two year old Richard Holley has been arrested for writing and placing a threatening note at U.S. Sen. Dean Heller’s Clark County office.

The note, placed near the door to Heller’s office on July 16, read “If I’m going to die because you voted to repeal or replace with a death bill, I will take you with me. If I’m going to die so are you.”

Holley is diabetic, and his wife needs back surgery and also experiences several other health maladies. Charges against Holley include extortion, burglary, and intimidation of a public officer, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Democrats, who have charged Donald Trump with inspiring violence through his rhetoric, have been using strong language against Heller. Among the terms appearing in recent news releases by various Democratic or campaign organizations is some Trump-like verbiage: “Dishonest Dean Got ‘Bought Off’”; “Desperate Pandering”; “Heller betrayed Nevada”; “Dishonest Senator Dean Heller’s Lies, Broken Promises”; “Kick Millions off their Insurance”; “Another Day, Another Lie”; “Coward of The Day: Senator Dean Heller.”