Heller: I’m for NOTC

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dean Heller’s campaign said last week that if some of his supporters are backing the lawsuit that seeks to overturn Nevada’s “none of these candidates” (NOTC) ballot option, they’re not speaking for him.

The lawsuit filing invokes Heller’s name, but his campaign spokesperson said, “Neither Senator Heller or his campaign is involved with this suit. In fact, as [Nevada] secretary of state, Senator Heller defended NOTC.”

In related news, Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston wrote last week that a Republican National Committee told him the RNC “is financially supporting an effort to bring clarity to the Nevada presidential election ballot”—an RNC way of describing the effort to torpedo NOTC.

Among the plaintiffs are an official of the Nevada Republican Party and one of the GOP candidates for Nevada presidential elector.