Heller disputes charge

On March 17, Kirk Caraway posted the following on his website (www.kirkcaraway.com): “I was flying out of Reno this morning, and the security line was a lot longer than usual. While I’m waiting in line, here comes Congressman Dean Heller, who smiles as he cuts in front of all of us. Yes, it’s good to be in Congress. But it also points out how our privileged leaders lose their way. George Bush was dumbfounded that gas might cost $4 a gallon, just like his dad didn’t know how much milk cost. Pretty soon, Heller won’t remember what it’s like to stand in line to get through security. As long as politicians elevate themselves to [a] class above us ordinary people, I doubt they’ll start passing laws that actually help us.”

Heller press aide Stewart Bybee responded, “Congressman Heller has enrolled in Clear Pass due to his travel schedule and purchased this pass with his own money. Any citizen of the United States can apply. This is not a privilege of Congress.”

Clear Pass charges people $100 a year to skip airport security checks after they’ve been vetted as safe citizens (there’s a $28 vetting fee the first year).