Heller avoids urban debates

In the northern U.S. House race, a Dean Heller/Jill Derby debate has been scheduled in—Elko. The location prompted criticism of Heller for avoiding most of the people in his district.

The Reno blog “Zeke says so” asked, “Why would the candidates have a debate 320 miles east of where the majority of voters in the district live? … I know Reno is a big scary city … but if you want the job, you got to do the interview. … Being scared is normal, but being brave is what we expect from our leaders.” He assumed Heller was the hold up because he called Derby’s office and was told of willingness to debate in Reno and called Heller’s office and got no call-back. “Does Dean Heller hate Reno?” he asks.

Last month Heller declined to participate in a debate in the Clark County portion of the district.