Rated 4.0 Director Guillermo del Toro, who made Wesley Snipes worth watching with Blade2, brings his enormous sense of style to the latest Marvel Comic hero to get a screen treatment. Exciting, funny and damn good-looking, everything a comic book movie should be. Ron Perlman finally gets a big break as Hellboy, a demon introduced to our world after the evil Grigori Rasputin opens a portal to another dimension as Nazis look on (shades of Raiders of the Lost Ark). The Hellboy demon makes his first earthly appearance as an infant with a fondness for chocolate bars, is raised by a kind professor (John Hurt) and becomes a secret weapon against monsters for a confidential government agency. When Rasputin comes back from the dead to wreak further havoc, Hellboy goes into action while trying to pursue his love for flamethrower Liz Sherman (Selma Blair). Every bit as good as Spider Man, maybe even a little better. Let there be sequels!