Health Guide 2017

RN&R grapples with the great equalizer

So, are you ready to talk about death?

I’m not sure what people mean when they say death is a taboo subject. (Taboo subjects, to my mind, might be something like the merits of everyday cannibalism or your profound appreciation for Limp Bizkit.)

I don’t think death is taboo, not these days, anyway. I just think most of us enjoy discussing it about as frequently as we do the statuses of our bank accounts or the last time we got a root canal.

Still, plenty of topics surrounding death are worth talking about—from making sure your affairs are in order before you die, to determining what you can do to make sure you’re able to die the way you’d want. That’s why we dedicated this year’s Health Guide to end-of-life issues. (You’ll also find a related story on aid-in-dying in Nevada in this week’s regular issue.)

“Real estates” is a story I put together about estate planning. Wait! Are you thinking you’ll just skip past that one—you know, because you’re not some wealthy jetsetter? Think again. Read the article, and I think you’ll agree that estate plans are pretty much for everyone.

How long did you have to wait last time you went to the doctor? And how does that compare to the amount of time you got spend with your doctor? Regular RN&R contributor Jessica Santina took a look at the situation in Nevada, where the physician-to-patient ratio ranks 47th in the nation. From limiting acceptance of patients with Medicare to abandoning primary care clinics for concierge services—a lot is going on with Nevada’s doctors, some of it with potentially negative implications for the quality of end-of-life care in the state. You can read her story, “The eleventh hour,” by clicking on the link to the right of the page.

If you’re already feeling like you’ve had your fill of “death talk,” this last story may not be your speed. If, however, you’re intrigued—and perhaps looking for a new career—check out RN&R editor Brad Bynum’s story, “Body moving,” about a woman who found job happiness as an undertaker.

Happy reading!

Jeri Chadwell-Singley

RN&R Special Projects Editor