Head over heels

Welcome to the 2020 RN&R Bridal Guide

I ’ve heard the winter holiday months referred to as “proposal season.” It’s true, based on all the engagements on my Instagram feed anyway, that more than a few couples take the quiet winter months to reflect on what the next year will bring, and who they’d like by their side—indefinitely. Plus, a diamond ring makes for a great Christmas gift.

Now, a few weeks after the end of the holiday season, this guide is for the couples who said “yes” as they get down to the real work—and there’s plenty to do. For some, the venue might be the most important piece of the planned ceremony. In “A bride abroad,” writer Ashley Warren describes how getting married abroad is a lasting memory she and her husband still reminisce about, and what to consider before packing your bags—dress and all.

For others, that dress is the thing they’ll remember most about the big day. For “The right fit,” I spoke with the owner of Reno’s newest bridal boutique about following your gut when it comes to buying the dress, ignoring unhelpful opinions from friends and family, and why she’s hoping prospective brides won’t have to drive to the Bay Area anymore for more modern styles.

Of course, anyone’s who’s ever planned a wedding knows that coordinating between all the different suppliers, keeping the dates straight and coming in under budget is stressful. For some couples, the temptation might be to just fly the coop and get married in a hurry, in the story “Getting Hytched,” contributor Julia Moreno profiles a company that helps with just that—custom pop-up wedding ceremonies.

When it comes to local charm, of course everyone wants to get married in Tahoe. As one of the country’s most scenic outdoor spaces, however, it’s reasonable to worry about getting priced out. Read “A shore thing” for a list of venues that prioritze affordable prices.

If you’ve ever used a dating app, the swipe-right strategy hopefully found you a partner worth planning a wedding with. However, a local business owner has released a new app that uses swiping to help couples find vendors to fit their style. You can read about how it works in “Match made.”

Finally, we’ve provided our bridal checklist, “Pre-nuptial,” which has the most important vendors, dates and reminders to help you stay organized as the big day approaches.

We’ve officially begun the upward climb into wedding season, where every warm weekend presents an opportunity for making memories. While it can be daunting for industry professionals and couples working to meet expectations, hopefully this guide will present some new ideas—or simply help you organize your own—so you can get on with saying “I do.” Thanks for reading.

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Matt Bieker,Special Projects Editor