Harrah’s posts apology

In the apparent belief that its customers are offended by clean air, Harrah’s has posted signs apologizing to customers for the moderately clean air in its buildings.

“The state of Nevada passed the Clean Indoor Air Act effective December 8, 2006,” the signs read. “This law states that smoking is no longer allowed in any public areas such as hallways, hotel lobbies, restaurants, restaurant bars and any other areas that open food is being served. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”

The proposed law was placed on the ballot by initiative petition after the Nevada Legislature would not enact no-smoking legislation. Nevadans approved the measure by a 54 to 46 percent vote, but it exempted many casino areas. Casino restaurant workers are somewhat protected, depending on the effectiveness of ventilation, but casino floor employees must still endure secondhand smoke. No casino is known to have apologized to its employees.

Casinos tried unsuccessfully to water down the law at the 2009 legislature.

Amid the national recession, casinos have blamed the limited restrictions on smoking for their economic problems.