Happy New Year

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Hey! It’s the week of New Year’s Day. Or New Year’s Eve, depending on your age and priorities.

Am I in Nebraska as you’re reading this? I’m not sure. It’s Dec. 20, we just wrapped up the Winter Guide, and I’m taking off for my dad’s house in a couple of days. I guess I’ll be back to work on New Year’s Day, so you can judge from that.

I’ve got a few resolutions. I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but I’ve been, as I mentioned last week, specifically advised to live in the moment. Screw that. The unexamined life is not worth living. Nor is the unplanned life. I can’t help myself, I’m an editor.

This last year, I tried to get myself back into shape. Starting in July, I began attending WeightWatchers meetings at the Nevada Museum of Art on Mondays. I’ve lost about 40 pounds, and one resolution is to figure out how I can maintain that weight. I’m 6-feet-2-inches, so 210 pounds looks pretty slender on me, but I feel good. It’s still 23 pounds above high BMI. But the other day, I was scratching my belly, and I came across something that felt like an ab, so that’s probably enough.

A month ago, I also began lifting weights at the gym again. My second resolution is to figure out how to keep up the workouts without hurting myself. If you’ve read this newspaper for a few years, you know how I am. I get all OCD on the working out, and I end up dropping a bunch of weights on myself and getting fat again because I don’t drop the calories at the same rate as I drop the exercise.

That takes care of the physical. My third resolution is a little harder to explain. I want to figure out a way to distill out some of the compromises that have diluted my life. It’s been bothering me a bit lately. I don’t even really know how to phrase the resolution, but it’s not, “2007 is going to be the year I find myself” because I know exactly where to look. I’ll let you know what I learn.