Happy Feet

Rated 3.0

This cartoon is a bit touched in the head, and that’s a good thing. A young penguin with a lousy singing voice (Elijah Wood) resorts to rapid toe tapping to impress the ladies in a land where crooning results in mating. It doesn’t work at first, but he eventually finds acceptance, and saves his penguin community from starvation by getting humans to limit fishing in Antarctica. (I’m not kidding … that is part of the plot.) The CGI is first-rate, with plenty of moments that will make vertigo sufferers quake. Robin Williams provides two voices, and they’re both funny stuff (especially a little Mexican penguin with a large self-esteem). Other voices include Hugh Jackman doing his best Elvis, Nicole Kidman doing her best Marilyn Monroe/Ann-Margret, and Brittany Murphy showing off her exquisite singing voice. The baby penguins are especially cute.