Happy Earth Day!

“Green” wasn’t born yesterday. For centuries, people have been encouraging—OK, sometimes screaming for—us to take care of the Earth so we have something to give our children’s children’s children that’s worth inheriting.

This year, especially, there seems to be a sense of collective urgency, a belief that we all must do something, that it’s not too late. The environment—not long ago a niche issue for hippies and off-the-gridders—is now front-page news everywhere from the Reno Gazette-Journal to Rolling Stone magazine to every major newspaper or magazine in the country. Maybe they’re hopping on a trend that will fizzle out, or maybe it really is the start of solving a huge, hot problem.

Earth Day, born in 1970, is a day singled out for action and understanding. It’s a day to learn and become involved, not just for 24 hours, but for a lifetime. Learn about composting and xeriscaping and renewable energy at a workshop. Sign a petition. Join a club that has your values at heart. Vow that you will recycle more, use less, eat better, connect more. Start small, or go large—whatever you can do. But do something. Earth Day is a great day to start.

Table of contents

Schedule of Events
Earth Day 2008 schedule of events. Don’t miss out.

10 simple things
These tips can help anyone help save the world.

Power in numbers
GreenPower may be the closest thing Nevada has to a carbon offsetting program.

Pile it on
Compost, one of the original recyclers, turns waste into some of the best food for your garden. Here’s how.

Loco for locavores
For some, eating closer to home is a lifestyle, not an experiment.

Where to recycle everything
You know about curbside recycling. Now, for all the harder stuff.

The environmentalist’s library
Be it water, food, energy or Doomsday, now is a time for environmental understanding. Here are some pages of wisdom and exploration to have on your bookshelf.

No one ever called Bob Grimm an environmentalist, per se. Films that made him think about the Earth.

Earth Day organizer Lauren Siegel
Nevada Econet’s Lauren Siegel is the woman behind the organization of Earth Day.