Hannah Montana: The Movie

Rated 2.0

While I kind of liked the Hannah Montana 3-D movie—mostly because it was in 3-D—this one left me cold. When Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) gets a little too caught up in her Hannah Montana rock star alter ego, her dad (Billy Ray Cyrus, aka Satan) tricks her into going home to Tennessee, where she’ll fall off horses and chicken coops and stuff like that. The movie comes to life when Cyrus sings—although the hip-hoppy “Hoedown Throwdown” is tedious—but it goes lame when it deals with the drama. Too bad, because there’s a sweet movie in there somewhere trying to get out. Curious to see how long Cyrus is going to ride the Hannah Montana train, especially after the box office success. Will a 40-year-old Hannah Montana work? Could be cool. I want to see a movie about Miley’s war with Radiohead.