Rated 2.0

All things considered, director Rob Zombie’s “re-imagining” of the John Carpenter classic isn’t all that bad. He decides to tell the origin story of Michael Myers, making him an explainable serial killer rather than some random demonic entity. The first half of the movie is Michael as a boy, killing rats and classmates. The second half jams a remake of the original’s Halloween night massacre into too little time. Zombie gets it right with the look of Myers (The mask looks great!), but the last chunk of the movie feels like a preview rather than a film. Too bad, because this is actually the best Halloween since the original, flaws and all. While it’s a mixed bag, it’s nice to see somebody try to do something a little different with the horror icon. Michael Myers has been wandering around listlessly in crappy sequels for too many years. Hopefully, Zombie will get the chance to flesh out his film a little more with its DVD release. He needs to take a little more time with the finale.