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Shannon Tackett

It’s not every hair stylist who gets interviewed in 15 Minutes— but some are more persistent than others. Shannon Tackett, 36, splits her life between Northern Nevada and Los Angeles. She comes up here every six weeks to straighten hair at Blue Salon, 1170 S. Wells Ave. For those with unruly hair who possess an extra $350, appointments can be made at 329-4555.

How did you get started on this lifestyle?

I moved to Los Angeles to work as a freelance hairstylist, meaning I do styling for photo shoots, and while I’m building my career doing that, I come back to Reno every six weeks and work on my clients there. I’ve worked in the same salon for about 12 years.

And what do you do at the Blue Salon? Don’t you have a specialty?

I do. I do what’s called the Brazilian Keratin Complex straightener.

The what? The Brazilian what? Why Brazilian?

It originated in Brazil, and the original formula was fairly toxic, so they came out with one that has more protein in it, so it’s better for the hair, better for the environment and can be used on any hair. It makes unruly, frizzy, chemically treated hair feel silky and straight. If your hair is over-processed, or you have problems with humidity, it will tame it and will give you beautiful texture.

I’m bald, so I don’t worry much about it myself. What do other people do about straightening hair?

There are a few techniques. There’s also the Japanese straightener. There’s a few people in town that do that. I’ve trained a couple of other people in town, but I’m the first person in Reno to bring it to Reno.

Who did you train? Kathy Woodrow and Michael Ball.

When are you going to be in town?

I’m going to be in town on April 23rd.

So who do you work with down in L.A., anyone famous?

I have. I’ve worked with Illeana Douglas, and Belinda Carlisle. I did a photo shoot for OPI.

What’s OPI?

A nail polish. [I also did] an ad campaign for Target, also Macy’s. And there was Perry Farrell.

You got to do Perry Farrell? How long did that take?

Me and another hairstylist went over to do his cut and color and his wife’s cut and color for a photo shoot they had, and it took all day. We did it at their studio, and it was for Rolling Stone magazine. … No kidding. That was kind of an important detail.

Was he nice?

He was totally cool. They both were. Just like you’d imagine.

I’d imagine he would be crazy and mean, myself.

He wasn’t, actually. He was really cool.

Did you grow up here in Reno?

I did.

What school did you go to?

Sparks High.

Do you have a bunch of friends still here? Are they jealous of your jet setting lifestyle?

I do. I was born in Reno, so I know tons of people in Reno. I don’t think they’re jealous; I think they miss me. It’s a great place to come back to. I still have my friends and family in Reno, but I have this great lifestyle in L.A., too. I feel really blessed.

I think you’re the first hairstylist who’s ever been interviewed in 15 Minutes. Do you feel honored?

I do. That’s really cool.