Grown Ups 2

Rated 1.0

Adam Sandler has done it again. He has made the worst movie of his career, yet again, as his films just keep topping themselves in horribleness. This one, a sequel to the Dennis Dugan disaster that joined forces with David Spade, Chris Rock and Kevin James, is twice as bad as the original. Considering how awful the original was, I didn't think such a feat was possible, but Sandler has done it. The plot involves Sandler moving back to his hometown, where a deer enters his house and promptly urinates on him. Then he goes shopping with his friends who fart and burp a lot. Then he has a big '80s party where everybody dresses up as people from the '80s (Pat Benatar, Bruce Springsteen, The Terminator). Then somebody farts again, and then the movie is over. I sat in a theater where people were laughing their asses off every time somebody farted. It was one of the more depressing experiences of the movie going summer, and I had to sit through The Purge, so that's pretty bad. I have officially given up on Sandler. This is a talented, funny guy who can't seem to say goodbye to some of the people who drag him down. Given the box office performance of this piece of crap, he probably will be giving Dugan plenty of directing jobs in the future. This is our loss.