GROW closes

Local nonprofit GROW—Gardeners Reclaiming Our Waysides—concluded its decade and a half of activism beautifying Nevada freeways.

Fifteen years ago, Nevada resident Mary Fischer started GROW as a way to green up the slopes along the sides of the freeways. Fischer is a master gardener, and recruited members for GROW through a gardening class, where she pitched her idea. According to a statement, “As a nonprofit organization, GROW’s mission was to ensure the establishment of a low-maintenance, water-efficient landscape on the slopes, interchanges, and gateways of the Carson City Freeway using native plants. The vision also grew into including steel statuary and artistic enhancements.”

GROW was also involved in several legislative efforts for freeway improvement projects. Spokespeople for the nonprofit said that GROW had accomplished its goals, and that further freeway garden maintenance will be funded by the state.

The organization was honored last weekend at the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City for its contribution to the community.