Grit Laskin

Unabashedly Folk: Songs and Tunes 1979-1985

Borealis Records

As a member of the Friends of Fiddlers Green and an occasional solo artist, Toronto-based singer, songwriter, luthier and multi-instrumentalist Grit Laskin has made quite a name for himself within Canada’s Britfolk scene and among folk music fans throughout North America. This two-disc set is a reissue of his first two albums for the Fogarty’s Cove label, Unmasked (1980) and Lila’s Jig (1985). Laskin is a passable singer, a fine songwriter and an excellent guitarist, bouzouki player and piper. His talents are showcased particularly well on a harmonically gorgeous and lyrically hilarious parody of hippie-speak titled "Cosmic and Freaky" and on original instrumentals like "Spot the Cliché" and "The Reversible Polka." But there’s a poignant and thoughtful side to Laskin’s art as well, evidenced by such reflective songs as "The Life of a New Mother" and "Where Does Love Come From?" This reissue includes two previously unreleased tracks.