Rated 5.0

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez team up for a double feature meant to pay tribute to the old, scummy theaters of yesteryear that used to play crap. I don’t know if it really succeeds there, I just know that the films are a lot of fun. Rodriguez directs Planet Terror, with Rose McGowan fighting zombies with her machine gun leg. Tarantino directs Death Proof, an ode to car chase movies starring Kurt Russell as a serial killer who likes to destroy beautiful women with his automobile. The prints for the movies are intentionally aged to give off the impression they’ve run through the projector a million times. Fake trailers directed by the likes of Eli Roth and Rob Zombie round out the experience. People have been shying away from this one, and some of that probably has to do with the three-hour-plus running time. If you’re staying away, you’re missing a great theatrical experience. Don’t wait for the video.