Green party

Veeraon Ta serves green curry to Monte Lee, a customer from Carson City who cites The Green Papaya as his favorite Thai restaurant of the region.

Veeraon Ta serves green curry to Monte Lee, a customer from Carson City who cites The Green Papaya as his favorite Thai restaurant of the region.

Photo By Heather Anderson

Green Papaya

4786 Caughlin Parkway, #303
Reno, NV 89509

(775) 826-8116

The Green Papaya is the perfect palliative after a day of hiking. My husband and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and our bodies begged us to do something about this sorry state of affairs. We arrived around 6:30 p.m. and were one of only two couples enjoying the place when, suddenly, it got packed. Every table was full, and the staff was racing about, always smiling, taking orders and bringing drinks. Thank goodness we were already munching on our appetizers by that time, and our mood was high.

The atmosphere at the Green Papaya is soothing. The place is clean and quiet. The walls are decorated with large pictures of Thailand and other cultural artifacts, such as dolls and colorful wall hangings. We were greeted immediately upon entering and shown to our table, where we quickly ordered two appetizers before our server could get away. It’s hard to think when the tummy is rumbling. Soon, we had fresh spring rolls before us, two vegetarian ($3.95) and two with prawns ($4.95). The sauce was delicious, and the rolls were good-sized. It quelled the hunger so that even our drinks tasted better.

My husband then noted that, if I was to properly review the place, one of us had to have the pad Thai, and since he was set on the scallops ladnah ($16.95), it would have to be me. I obliged, ordering mine with seafood ($12.95) and was glad I did.

Overall, the food was great. The fish in particular was cooked flawlessly. The large scallops in my husband’s entree were especially admirable: soft and juicy, but not squishy—usually a hard balance to strike.

The pad Thai was good as well. It wasn’t the slightest bit greasy, as is too often the case, although, we both agreed, the sauce was one notch too sweet. I should note here, however, that we like spicy foods, so perhaps those with different palates will find it agreeable. We doctored our meals up with a bit of hot sauce, which was on the table. All meals can also be ordered spicier, up to “5” on the hot scale.

We were checked on regularly throughout our meal by the friendly staff, and dessert was not pushed on us. Families and couples talked quietly around us as food was served and glasses clinked.

The Green Papaya is a pleasant place. Beware, though, of the heavy-handled silverware; it has a tendency to fall off the plate and onto the floor—just ask my husband. Oh, and the waiter. For those who wish to avoid such calamities, The Green Papaya also does take-out, and the menu is extensive. The phone rang in the back all through the evening as orders were placed. Apparently, it’s a popular place. And after a long hike on a hot day, when the senses are eager and the body hopeful for food, it borders on marvelous.